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Industry news

Traditional channel VS e-commerce platform LED lamps to sell the world

Time:2017-07-04 Views:1032
In the era of e-commerce, online shopping has gradually penetrated into the lighting life. During the "double 11" in 2013, the sales of Tmall lamps and lanterns reached a million yuan. For example, the amount of $49 million is the top spot for the brand sales of LED lamps. The second was odo lighting, with a turnover of 34.88 million yuan, a doubling of sales. 
Why are domestic LED lighting companies keen on e-commerce channels 
Online sales channels are not only the sales channels of goods, but also a promotion channel for brand promotion and product display. 
On the concept of it, e-commerce model is the essence of enterprise profit way via the Internet, its profit model is the enterprise through the electronic market reflect product flow, service flow, information flow and value creation process of the operation mechanism, to provide value for customers, at the same time, enterprises and other participants and to share the interests of the organic system. The e-business model suitable for the sales of LED products should meet the characteristics of low input and reliable logistics. Therefore, B2C model is the first choice for LED e-commerce sales. 
At present, the LED lighting companies often USES the mode of electricity, mostly into the comprehensive electric business platform, such as Tmall and household, LED lamps and lanterns of professional electric business platform, only a small percentage of companies relying on the self-built online mall. For mass in mass circulation market has not yet, still an expedition in the LED lighting products, engineering channels based on the requirement of channel innovation, e-commerce model has constantly been mentioned, and how to consider the new e-commerce channels, discussion is still going on. 
Domestic LED lighting companies are keen on e-commerce platforms, mainly because the traditional channels such as department stores or hardware stores are difficult to buy high-quality LED lights. At present domestic most of the traditional lighting sources have not large area sales LED lighting products, only a few large supermarket stores in the ordinary consumer sales of LED lighting products, and only a few brand of a few models LED bulbs in sales. As a result, the average consumer who knows about LED lighting can only look for products on the Internet, which also makes the current online sales of LED lamps popular. Secondly, online shopping can reduce the purchase cost of goods to end users, which can be reduced by 15% ~ 30% compared with the traditional channels. At the same time, online sales channels are not only the sales channels of products, but also a promotion channel for brand promotion and product display. Many enterprises are very willing to accept this sales model. 
Which LED lighting companies are suitable for e-commerce 
LED brand enterprises are suitable for the sale of products through e-commerce platforms. They have strong brand competitiveness and product quality assurance. 
Opp and reshi are two of the most active LED lighting companies on e-commerce platforms. It also can be seen that LED to fit through the electric business platform product brand enterprise sales, they have strong brand competitiveness and product quality assurance, large capacity advantage suffer from offline sales channels to board into full play, to develop electric business platform. In combination, the convenience and efficiency of e-commerce platforms has led more and more Chinese companies to try this emerging sales channel. 
However, we must also be aware that e-commerce is not suitable for all enterprises, and there are certain limits to its model development. Theoretically, the enterprises that are suitable for the development of e-commerce channels generally have the following characteristics: first, the products are suitable for e-commerce enterprises with small volume and low price. There are large quantities of demand of users, typically to field of manufacturer, check the productivity of enterprise whether can supply enough to satisfy their needs, so it is difficult to purchase large quantities of products on the Internet. In addition, products that are overpriced online require enough trust to support the completion of the transaction. Now aren‘t online payment security and transactions can only be within the limit of certain affordable, when the transaction price is too high, enterprise will be very worried about the safety of transactions, so tend to offline deal. The second is that companies that want to have different channels can consider doing e-commerce. E-commerce allows transactions to escape the constraints of time and space, and it helps to expand the scope of business. Some companies already have fixed sales channels and have fixed customers, so they need other channels to expand their business. As a new type of channel, e-commerce is very suitable for enterprises with fixed channels. These companies tend to have a good reputation offline, and it‘s easy to get accepted by customers. For those enterprises that have not been established soon, and the channel is not completely stable, the development of e-commerce is a favorable opportunity to open up new channels. Third, the core products are mainly export-oriented enterprises. Compared to domestic trade, foreign trade enterprise for more need for B2B e-commerce, because need to do foreign trade is very huge manpower and financial resources, and electronic commerce can better solve the problem. 
As can be seen from the above three aspects, LED enterprises are very suitable to rely on e-commerce platform to develop their own sales channels. However, in the current stage, there are still some problems that need to be faced and resolved in the path of LED e-commerce. Only in this way can the new industry be developed healthily. 
LED lighting enterprises to develop e-commerce channels to have problems to solve 
The pricing power of the product is still to be clarified, the target customers of the products are not clear, the domestic market lacks the influential and competitive enterprises. 
For domestic LED enterprises, the e-business model is still in the exploratory stage. LED lighting is a new industry, and its industry is stronger, but it can be used for reference. There is no feasible channel for investment to follow. Many consumers also lack sufficient awareness of LED lamps, which leads to a lack of confidence among many dealers. At present, the LED lighting products is relatively small, not enough to hold up, don‘t have much choice when consumer is bought, this is also a lot of LED the main reason for the brand have been slow to store, even in the LED lighting enterprise main choice of taobao, the largest electric business platform in China. Overall, LED lighting enterprises to expand e-commerce channels need to further clarify the following three issues. 
One is that the pricing power of LED products is still to be clarified. Although this question does not involve whether the LED industry can rely on e-commerce platforms, it is about whether the e-business of the LED industry can be done well. Facing the chaos of the product pricing system, how do consumers choose? This is the difference between industrial enterprises and consumer goods enterprises. Who controls the pricing power of LED products sold online? How to price? This is the place where the LED industry develops e-commerce needs to be improved. 
The second is the product‘s target customers are not clear. For any enterprise, the most important thing is the positioning of the target customers. The direct customers of most current products in the LED industry are B (Business) instead of C (Customer), because the LED lighting products are not yet really popular. In this case, LED lighting enterprises should first consider how to promote the product quality and brand reputation by the promotion of the favorable policies of the national elimination of incandescent lamps. 
Third, the domestic market lacks influential and competitive enterprises. Popularity and trust are simply brand. But the brand does not just refer to the product brand, also refers to the industry brand. At present, the public awareness of LED brands in China is in its infancy, and there is no clear understanding and understanding. From the perspective of advertising, LED e-commerce as a new thing, is more difficult to reach the popular cognition. 
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