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Industry news

LED packaging devices are up for price, and LED to a slowdown in global LED light bulbs in April

Time:2017-07-04 Views:2931
According to the latest price report from the LEDinside, the world‘s largest LED light bulb, the price of LED bulbs in the world is stable in April 2017, with the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40 watt incandescent bulbs rising 0.2 percent to $6.6. LED bulbs replacing 60 watt incandescent bulbs, retail prices slid 0.2 percent to $8.1. 
Yu Bin LEDinside analyst, said in April LED encapsulation device rise in price, especially 2835 LED lighting products, international companies average are raised, and then make the LED bulbs downstream prices drop speed slow, in the long term, the global LED bulbs prices still falling, albeit slowly. 
International manufacturers launch new products, China LED packaging market price increases 
In terms of China‘s LED packaging, the price of both the 0.2 and 0.5 tiles of the 2835 LED products were all increased by 3.4 per cent and 3.9 per cent respectively. Main manufacturers of the products is given priority to with mainland China manufacturers and machine factory, the recent international manufacturers also launch and improve 2835 product lines, such as Lumileds has launched 2835 c high photosynthetic efficiency and general lighting 2835 e series, and continue to launch this year 3 v EA series is suitable for linear lamps and lanterns, prices are higher than the market average. For the 3030 and 5630 LED products, prices remained stable in April. 
Ball steep light, replace 40 tile part of Europe price is shown slightly raised, including the UK region increases 1.0%, most of the products price stabilization, only part of the product price increases slightly, such as osram 6 watts 470 lumens ball bubble lamp, prices rose to $5.59, or 5%, German prices rose by 0.8%. Us regional prices fell 0.4 per cent. Prices fell 3.2% in China, some manufacturers to price cut of rob city, such as foshan lighting 7 watts 550 lumens ball bubble lamp, prices fell to $3.5, a drop of 32%, other vendors including philips, mitsuo aurora and other manufacturers, part of the product prices also presents the larger drop. 
Instead of 60 watts, prices in Europe and America have been slightly lower, while prices in Asia have risen. Among them, prices in the UK fell by 2.0%, including Sylvania, and well-known manufacturers such as philips, which cut prices on some products. German prices fell 3.2%, with some products falling sharply under promotional campaigns. In addition, osram launched a new low-price new product in April, with a 7.2 watt 806 lumen bulb, priced at $5.8, a 25 percent lower than the market price. In Asia, prices rose 2.2 percent in Japan, with some products, such as the airiesima 7-watt 810 lumen bulb, rising to $12.73, up 20 percent. In Taiwan, the average price rose 1.75 percent as some low-price products pulled out of the market. Elsewhere prices are stabilising. 
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