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Industry news

LED lamps and lanterns are safe and worry glass lamp tube can solve worry

Time:2017-07-04 Views:4339
The boy touched the LED red light signal rod electrocution, LED lighting renovation project two construction personnel electrocuted, LED lighting products caused by the electric shock of the press. Since last philips lighting company and the United States consumer product safety commission (the CPSC) due to the "create a risk of electric shock after the power supply" recalled about 99000 LED lighting products, this year the European commission for 1 item "may result in the user get an electric shock" and produced in the LED lamp is withdrawn from the market of our country. The potential safety of LED lighting products has aroused wide public concern. 
The lamp of LED lamp is caused by the safety of the rules 
Domestic standards have driven the industry to a large extent, but it has also allowed many companies to pursue low-cost enterprises. 
Not long ago, in 2014 released by the Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision quality supervision and spot check the embedded lamps and lanterns rejected product list, even mitsuo aurora, leishi lighting LED lamps and lanterns of famous brands are unqualified for protection against electric shock such as the serious quality problem. 
So, what is the cause of the electric shock? "To put it bluntly, it is the production companies that save costs." Jun sheng investment management co., LTD. Investment director zhang said in an interview with "China electronics news", "the leds on the market at present most of the PC plastic and aluminum combined, 1/3 to 1/2 of aluminium. In order to save costs, most of the domestic enterprises to adopt the isolated power supply, high voltage part directly touch the connection and metal case, only the aluminum substrate resin layer as insulation material, so naturally has a great potential safety hazard." 
The reporter understands, because lighting lamps and lanterns is hard to do in the structural design of 100% no leakage, so the safety requirements more stringent European and American countries, the need to more than 2000 v high voltage test of lamps and lanterns, in order to make sure the leakage risk control in a certain range. In order to be able to pass safety certification, the manufacturer generally USES an isolated source. For price pressures huge domestic market, isolated power supply than the isolation power higher than the cost of 1 ~ 2 dollars, accounted for almost finished half the price of the tubes, so a lot of domestic enterprises choose to use the low-end structure for aluminium tubes and the isolated power supply to save costs. But this product, which is sold in the domestic market, can hardly be certified by European and American countries. 
In addition, the current LED lamps are used in a large amount of organic materials, which can produce harmful smoke when burning, and also become a fatal safety hazard in the event of fire. In public places such as subway in developed countries, not only do most of the wires have to be covered with iron pipes, but the lamp tubes also try to use non-combustible materials to ensure the safety in extreme cases. 
"There is no denying the fact that less severe domestic safety standards to a great extent, promote the development of the industry, but also make a lot of blindly pursuing the low-cost exploiting the loopholes, had the standard according to the minimum standards for design, no standard but also a free play." Let me show you. 
Glass lamp tube or solution 
The glass lamp tube itself is highly insulated and conductive, and it can be safe even with non-isolated power sources. 
In addition to the aluminum-plastic lamp tube, the LED lamp tube has a technical route of glass material. The reporter understands from the secretariat of China lighting association, represented by the foshan lighting production enterprises continue to use the original traditional incandescent glass equipment and processes, to produce some of the glass bulb LED lighting products, and represented by wooden Tomlinson emerging LED lighting enterprise is given priority to with PC plastic tubes. 
Zhang is of the view that the glass lamp tube is more transparent than PC plastic, which is easier to achieve high photoeffect, but also can cause the glare and so on. When it comes to fire, glass does not produce toxic gases like non-flame - retardant PC plastics, but the glass itself creates a series of problems because it is fragile. "Each has its own advantages, depending on the application." Zhang said. 
To move surplus chemical technical director Zhao Ning told the China electronics news reporters, in fact, relative to the aluminum tubes, glass tubes is the biggest characteristic of high safety, because itself high insulation and thermal conductivity, even if the use of isolated power supply, also can ensure safety. At the same time, glass lamp tube fire protection, high temperature will not deform. 
According to zhao ning, through the unremitting efforts and innovation of domestic enterprises in recent years, the technical indicators of glass lamp tube have improved greatly, and the advantages of the glass tubes are more vivid than that of the general tubes. Can, in addition to good safety with low cost and effective technical solution through the CE, UL certification, such as convenience products exports, first of all, the light transmittance of glass higher than that of PC plastic, excellent thermal stability, and glass tube 360 degrees are exposed to air, heat evenly; Second, the glass tube will not turn yellow for long periods of time, it will be more resistant to dirt, corrosion and durability. Third, the cost of the transparent glass tube is far less than the plastic and aluminum tube, even if in order to prevent glare, plus a glass tube inner surface after grinding, coating or the cost of the process, such as corrosion, and the cost of the glass tube has a great advantage; Fourth, glass products are more environmentally friendly than aluminum and PC plastics. The carbon emission in the whole process of glass lamp tube is about 1/2 of the aluminum-plastic tube, and the aluminum anode oxidizes the pollution of wastewater. In this way, the glass bulb fits the green concept of LED. Fifth, compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp tube, the glass lamp tube has a great similarity, which conforms to the visual habit of most people. 
"Although it is hard to say whether glass bulbs can replace the aluminum tubes in a comprehensive way, replacing traditional lamp tubes and aluminum LED tubes with glass LED bulbs has become a trend." Zhao ning thinks. 
The safety solution of the lamp is still being improved 
The LED glass tubes used by many enterprises only have good heat dissipation and low cost, and can‘t avoid the problems of glass bursting and splash. 
The old accounts were gone, and the new accounts began to rise again. Glass tubes to remove the electric shock, fire and other safety concerns, but new problems again, now many companies use the LED glass tubes only figure good heat dissipation, low cost, can‘t evade of broken glass and splash problem, also can‘t drop test passed UL certification. 
"Not long ago, the department of housing and urban-rural development issued a" construction quality management action plan for two years, the project director of the unit in charge of construction quality and safety responsibility shall be investigated in the form of lifelong responsibility commitment shall be clear and." "The production and installation of LED lighting products must attach great importance to this issue," zhang said. "the safety issue has not been allowed to be any more serious." 
"The industry is in urgent need of LED glass lamp - control spatter solutions." Shenzhen rui opticon technology a head surnamed lu told reporters, "in promoting the LED glass tubes to update the process of replacement, we are looking forward to domestic lighting benchmarking enterprises and multinational companies are able to consistently use non-discriminatory, application of the standard of global market research and development, production and sales, solve the security problem of the LED lamp together. At present, there has been a enterprise by patent coating and structure optimization, got the UL certificate, perhaps this will back up the glass tubes in the international market trend, because after all, safety, environmental protection and low cost is the value of the mature markets of belonging." 
Zhao Ning Suggestions, hope the competent department or the industry group lead, as soon as possible to establish and perfect the safety assessment of green LED lighting product testing system and standards, at the same time, in quality assurance, after-sales service and old lamp recycling has also established a perfect system and process. 
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