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Industry news

Key words of LED industry: objective and practical rationality

Time:2017-07-04 Views:5088
This year is the 50th anniversary of LED birth. American scientists Nick He Lun him in 1962, invented the first visible light emitting diode (LED), He Lun ark that LED industry development to today, its technology and application is still in the immature period of rapid development. How to judge the development stage of China‘s LED industry, how to treat the standards, patents and intellectual property rights issues. This newspaper invites industry experts to discuss the topic of current industry concern. 
How to deal with the special period of LED development 
Gan zi zhao: 
We will firmly develop the LED industry 
The LED industry is developing rapidly. In 2011, the total output value of the LED industry reached more than 1100 billion yuan, but we have also encountered some problems, which should be done in the following aspects: 
First, calm down. We should look at the current situation of the industry in the right way, not to be pessimistic and disappointed, but also to be careful not to blindly expand, not to have blind and vicious price competition. The market may have some time to go in the winter, to be confident that the LED spring will come. 
Second, the industrial trough is the opportunity for our development. The enterprise should practice the internal work, the training of the talent team and the technical mastery. 
Third, and most importantly, the transformation of LED industry in China is facing a very serious task, is the largest country in the global lighting domestic demand in China, we should make good use of LED lighting in China domestic market, do a good job in the LED industry. 
LED industry risks and opportunities coexist. Our industry has a lot of opportunities if we do well, but it will also run into problems like photovoltaic. LED is the focus of the development of local governments and industrial parks. From the north to the south, the wind and the rising tide continue unabated. We hope that local governments, investment institutions and enterprises can invest rationally. LED is the future of light source. We should develop the LED industry to make our LED industry more stable. 
Jiang fengyi: 
LED technology is still in rapid development 
LED is the chaoyang industry, at present in infancy, the technology route is full of uncertainty, the product upgrade and upgrade quickly, can not be regarded as a mature industry, at this stage is the emphasis cultivation stage. The three characteristics of strategic emerging industries are: product performance improvement, cost reduction and market growth. But at present, some local governments are eager to seek for success, and put forward an unrealistic development target, which can reach tens of billions and billions of yuan. At this point, investors, scientists, entrepreneurs and government officials are required to treat them rationally and scientifically, so that good things can be done so that they can become the leading industries in the future. 
Now LED lighting core technology facing development opportunities in many ways, including the MOCVD equipment development opportunity, choice of substrate, the structure of the epitaxial opportunity development opportunities, the structure of the chip development opportunities, white light technology development opportunities, power supply technology development opportunities, and so on. At present, the research and development of domestic production MOCVD equipment is still good, and the data of domestic equipment is no less than that of imported equipment. 
In view of the current situation of LED industry in China, it is suggested that the leading enterprises should carry out technical improvement on the existing technical route. Secondly, the researchers should develop the research and development of the next generation of LED lighting technology (efficient green, yellow, red LED) as soon as possible. Third, countries and enterprises should strongly support the localization of LED equipment. Fourth, the state should macro-control the development scale of LED industries everywhere. 
Dong zhijiang: 
The year 2013 will be the start of indoor lighting 
China LED the development of LED industry between 2005 and 2006, between 2009 and 2010. From 2005 to 2006, the backlit and display market of mobile phones provided an opportunity for the LED industry to expand, and the industry began to rise. From 2009 to 2010, 46 domestic LED chip plan of new project, planning a total investment of 113.1 billion yuan, including LED epitaxy chip planning investment of more than 70 billion yuan, planning from 2010 to 2015 new domestic MOCVD machines more than 2000 units, the industrial development overheat, close to madness. What is the cause of madness? One is to favor LED TV back light source and general lighting market, the second is government subsidy policy stimulus. The crazy result is that in 2011, domestic MOCVD capacity utilization was less than 30%, and in 2012 it recovered less than 60%. 
But the spring of the LED industry is not far off after the cold winter. In 2011, the production of 800lm LED lights requires 16 chips. In 2015, the number of chips will be reduced to 5. Between 2011 and 2015, LED lamps will increase their luminous efficiency by more than twice, life will increase by 60% and production costs will be reduced by nearly 60%. The new round of policy "sunny day" also brings the information of the LED industry spring. In the first half of 2012, the new round of central and local industrial support policies LED the industry to heat up rapidly, and we look forward to the real rise of the industry. In 2013, it will be the beginning of the large-scale application of LED lighting products in the interior. 
Topic 2 how to advance LED standard revision 
Chen yansheng: 
Companies need to learn more about standards 
How to look at standards, LED lighting has a standard, has been a hot topic in the industry. We have counted the LED standards of the national lighting electrical appliances standardization technical committee. Currently, there are 11 LED national standards and 2 industry standards. There are 6 LED national standards and 2 industry standards. There are 25 national standards related to LED and 1 industry standard. As you can see, there is no standard problem in the current industry, which requires a deeper understanding of standards. 
The standards of lighting products are generally divided into safety standards and performance standards. Safety standards are mandatory and are generally equivalent to IEC standards. The performance standard is recommended, generally referred to IEC related standards. China‘s requirements on performance standards are generally more specific than those of IEC. Some of the requirements associated with safety standards and performance standards require additional testing criteria, some of which are listed in the standard appendices. In recent years, energy efficiency standards have been set separately by energy-intensive products because of energy conservation and emission reduction requirements. 
International standards are the basis of national standards. Currently, international organizations that are closely related to semiconductor lighting include ISO (international standardization organization), IEC (international electrotechnical committee), CIE (international lighting committee), etc. ISO is a global ngo, a very important organization in the field of international standardization. China is an official member of ISO, and the organization representing China is the national standardization administration of China. 
In our country, belongs to the Chinese national standardization management committee of the national lighting appliances standardization technology committee, is mainly responsible for lighting products in China national standards or industry standards. National lighting appliances standardization technical committee consists of four points and technical committee, electric light source and its attachment points and technical committee, technical committee, optical radiation measurement technology committee of lamps and lanterns, basic technical committee. 
Zhao jianping: 
Meeting design criteria is a basic requirement 
To save energy, protect the environment and improve the quality of lighting is our aim to implement green lighting. The premise of saving energy is to meet the demand of people‘s normal vision, which is to meet the requirements of lighting design standard, should not blindly emphasis on energy conservation and reduce the number of lighting (illuminance) and quality (glare, intensity of illumination uniformity, color, glare, etc.). Set up more perfect engineering construction standard system in our country, different lighting places have been or are to formulate the corresponding design standards for 12, these standards are aimed at people‘s visual work needs and develop, has certain scientific nature and feasibility of international standards as far as possible, have a certain sophistication. 
In lighting design standards in our country, according to different ways of lighting lighting places characteristic, has carried on the different classification, building lighting, including the general lighting and local lighting, mixed lighting, evacuation lighting, security lighting, standby lighting, lighting, security guards on duty, obstacles, illumination, etc.; Urban road lighting includes pedestrian roads, fast roads, main roads, sub-trunk roads, and branches. Urban nightview lighting includes floodlighting, contour lighting, inner light lighting, key lighting, dynamic lighting, etc. 
As a lighting device, LED should meet the requirements of lighting design standard for general lighting. In fact we are simply too much on the LED energy saving, long life and other characteristics, and ignore the general lighting in other comprehensive requirements in terms of the number of lighting and lighting quality, especially LED to some of the properties and characteristics, such as: light central, high peak intensity, it will become a weakness in the general lighting, because the centralized, the peak intensity of the light is bad will bring severe glare, hurt people‘s vision. Therefore, to make the LED widely used in general lighting, it is necessary to meet the comprehensive requirements of lighting design standard for lighting objects. Meeting the comprehensive requirements of lighting design standard can better promote the development of LED. 
Zhao Ying: 
The standard level is not high or low 
Semiconductor lighting standardization is a complex systems engineering, and interdisciplinary covers material, chips and devices (packaging) and semiconductor lighting products and lighting systems development, production, circulation, use and so on each link, is different from general electronic components products is also different from the traditional lighting light source. 
China‘s definition of "standard" and "standardization" is equivalent to the adoption of the definition of ISO and international electrotechnical commission (IEC). "Standard" is to obtain the optimal order within a certain range, by consensus and by the recognized institutions for the approval of the common use and the repeated use of a normative document. The criteria should be based on the comprehensive results of science, technology and experience to facilitate the realization of the best common benefits. 
"Standardization" is in order to get the best order in a certain scope, to the real problem or potential problem set common use and reuse of the terms of the activities, mainly including preparation, distribution and implementation of the standard process. The main role of standardization is to prevent trade barriers and promote technical cooperation. 
The national technical standard system is divided into four categories according to the standard and effective scope of the standard: national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards. There are three standard forms of national technical standard: mandatory standard, recommended standard and instructional technical documents. 
The technical standard is divided into: basic standard, method standard, product standard, technical equipment standard and safety, sanitation, environmental protection standard and so on. The level of standards is not high and low, and each criterion should be determined according to its applicable scope. The enterprise standards should be the most comprehensive, detailed, and strict for the product specification. 
Topic 3 LED patent problem how to resolve 
Liang bingwen: 
There is not enough emphasis on intellectual property 
Where is the problem of intellectual property of LED lighting industry in China? Everyone is paying attention to it verbally, but it‘s not enough to pay attention to it, because there is no good atmosphere and environment. 
In China, it is a very unusual phenomenon to have a good day for torts. Companies to develop a good product, possibly three to five months is imitated by others, while imitators saves a considerable investment in innovation research and development, it can be used to produce at a lower cost. The cost of innovation is too high, the cost of infringement is too low, and innovative enterprises pay too much. It is a vicious circle that companies that are committed to innovation do not have the economic benefit and can‘t continue to innovate. 
Patents are like a sword hanging over our heads. There are many who wrongly believe that many of the most important patents for large foreign companies will expire in a few years, and there will be no further threats. But the opposite is true. Patents that are about to expire are more dangerous. International giants are unlikely to let patents go to waste, and there will be patents waiting for us. Not to say that a patent for phosphors has expired, and that there are dozens of patents related to phosphors, and that a number of newer patents are likely to follow. 
In 2010 ~ 2011, there were lots of new LED companies in our country, and they all faced huge intellectual property risks. Recent opinion, I think the need to focus on is blue phosphors, graphics, substrate, and side into the integrated chip packages and lamps and lanterns of patent of light guide plate, these are great risk of infringement. In the long run, patents on high pressure and vertical chips, including gallium nitride on silicon, should be noticed by manufacturers. 
Ye zhican: 
Build patent strategy from the advantage technology 
In the field of epitaxy chip, we can see clearly that although foreign the patentee holds the patent accounted for above 70%, but domestic enterprises have also been authorized to have independent patent; In the area of encapsulation, the authorization and invention patents are both abroad and within half of the country; In the field of application, foreign giants still have a large number of core patent layout. 
On the macro level, domestic patents seem to be weak and are at great risk, but in fact we are not without merit. According to the observation of patents over the past year, we found that some patents in China are very important and have certain commercial value. Taking the case of the patent case of xunning photoelectric, a case of xunning photoelectric, finally reached a settlement with corui and paid a certain fee. And, in fact, the domestic earlier already has a similar patent, although not completely the same, but in the use of basic method and achieve the basic purpose of view, such as professional basic similar. Although domestic patent from the scope of patent protection, this article may be a little weak, just to protect an optimal solution, but the optimal solution, but it can destroy the Cree patent creative and systematic, so very valuable. 
What patent strategy should domestic LED companies adopt? The Japanese experience is worth learning from. Japanese companies when doing the patent layout, first around the original core technology applied for patents, good clear claim, make sure to protect their own original ideas, and then formed in the late products around the product patent protection. When the product is launched into the market, it will be more widely used to make more layout and patent barriers to achieve its commercial purpose. Although the conditions for the current domestic LED industry to apply this method are not fully mature, we can also start from some of the advantages of the technology and draw on the thinking of Japanese enterprises. 
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