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Industry news

China has successfully developed the brightest ultraviolet light source in the world

Time:2017-07-04 Views:3214
Developed by the Chinese academy of sciences "dalian light" 15, the strongest in the world of extreme ultraviolet free electron laser pulse, a single picosecond laser pulses produced 140 trillion photons, become the world‘s most bright and fully adjustable wavelength ultraviolet free electron laser light source. 
In such extreme ultraviolet light, almost all the atoms and molecules in the region "have nowhere to hide". Therefore, "dalian light source" can be used to observe physical and chemical processes related to combustion, atmosphere and clean energy. 
En-ge wang, vice President of the Chinese academy of sciences said, this is the Chinese academy of sciences and China has a major scientific and technological achievements, have clearer defect display device are both 90% of instruments and equipment by the Chinese independent research and development, China now the world leader in the field, will greatly promote China‘s energy, optics, physics, biology, materials, big aerosol haze, lithography, and many other important field of research level of ascension. 
Free electron laser is the most advanced a new generation of advanced light source, is also the important direction of the advanced countries compete to the world, in scientific research, advanced technology, national defense have important application prospect of the development of science and technology. 
"Dalian light source" is China‘s first large-scale free electron laser user device, scientific research in the world today is the only running in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths of free electron laser device, is the world‘s most extreme ultraviolet light source. 
According to the introduction, the wavelength of "dalian light source" can be adjusted completely in extremely ultraviolet region, with complete coherence; The laser can work in a femtosecond or picosecond pulse mode, which can be run using SASE (self-amplifying spontaneous radiation) or HGHG (high gain harmonic amplification). 
The project of "dalian light source" has been funded by the national natural science foundation of China, which is jointly developed by the dalian institute of chemical physics of the Chinese academy of sciences and the Shanghai institute of applied physics. The project started construction in changxing island in dalian in October 2014, and the installation completed the first light at the end of September 2016, creating a new record for the construction of similar large-scale scientific installations in China. 
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