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deep uv led

340nm uv led

Precaution for use:
To avoid moisture penetration,we recommend storing UV LEDs in a dry box with a desiccant.
The recommended storage temperature range is 5deg to 30deg and a maximum humidity of 50%.
Use Precaution after opening the packaging.

Affect the light output efficiency.
Pay attention to the following:
a.Soldering should be done as soon as possible after opening the package.
b.Required conditions after opening the package.
-Temperature:5-30s Humidity:less than 30%.

Affect the proper function of the LEDs.
1)Don‘t apply mechanical force or excess vibration during the cooling process to normal temperature after soldering.
2)Don‘t rapidly cool device after soldering.
3)Components shouldn‘t be mounted on warped(non coplanar) portion of PCB.
4)Radioactive exposure isn‘t considered for the products listed here in.
5)This device shouldn‘t be used in any type of fluid such as water,oil,organic solvent and etc.
6)when washing is required,IPA(Isopropyl Alcohol) should be used.
7)when the LEDs are in operation the maximum current should be decided after measuring the package temperature.
8)LEDs must be stored properly to maintain the device,if the LEDs are stored for 3 months or more after being shipped from SSC,a sealed container with a nitrogen atmosphere should be used for storage.
8)The appearance and specifications of the product maybe modified for improvement without notice.
9)the slug is isolated from anode electrically,so we recommand that you don‘t isolate the heat sink.
10)Attaching LEDs,don‘t use adhesives that outgas organic vapor.

  • Typical Electrical&Opitical Characteristic at Ta=25deg
    item  symbol condition min type max unit
    forward current IF

    forward voltage VF IF=20mA
    optical power output po IF=20mA 1.0 1.5 2.0 mw
    IF=20mA 338 340 342 mw
    view angle


    Absolutely Maximum Ratings at Ta=25deg

    parameter symbol absolute maximum rating unit
    forward current IF 30 mA
    Power dissipation PD 150 mW
    operation Temperature TOPr -10~+85 deg
    storage Temperature Tstg -40~+100 deg
    lead soldering temperature Tsol 180(<3s) deg
    Electrostatic discharge classification ESD class 1

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